Betting it all on “the economy?”

"The Economy" Won't Save You First, it is because it's not about "the economy," it's about "your economy." If you are waiting for something to pick … [Continue Reading]

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“Good Job” vs. Entrepreneurship

Everyone Wants a "Good Job," Right? I guess it depends on who you're speaking with. And what do you mean by a "good job?" I've heard this term a lot … [Continue Reading]

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Focus on Achieving Success

Focus On Positive Change Success is the habit of creating positive change. To create positive change, you have to concentrate your attention on your … [Continue Reading]

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Desire Is Where Success Starts

Desire is where business success starts. Success will not come to you just because you are awesome. There are people who say they desire success, but … [Continue Reading]

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There Is No “Life Participation” Trophy

But I got a trophy when I was younger...? When I was a kid, one year I got a trophy for playing soccer. Our team sucked. We were last in our … [Continue Reading]

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