Four Reasons To Begin With Where You Are

Where Do I Start My Next Project? My life has certainly not been a straight line of successes. I have met setbacks, obstacles and even had my plans … [Continue Reading]

Success Is Your Duty

Success is not an option. It is an obligation. Here it is. The message that drives me. I wear it on my wrist every minute of every day. By wearing … [Continue Reading]

Betting it all on “the economy?”

"The Economy" Won't Save You First, it is because it's not about "the economy," it's about "your economy." If you are waiting for something to pick … [Continue Reading]

“Good Job” vs. Entrepreneurship

Everyone Wants a "Good Job," Right? I guess it depends on who you're speaking with. And what do you mean by a "good job?" I've heard this term a lot … [Continue Reading]

Search for the good job

Massive Action- The Change Agent

Maybe massive action doesn't mean the same thing to you that it means to me. Maybe you're not closing more business than you'd like to. Maybe you'd … [Continue Reading]