This is Not an Official Glossary

WARNING: This glossary has the strong potential to trigger snowflakes, make you laugh, or make you cry. Proceded with caution.

The first thing I want to do is post a disclaimer for this glossary. This glossary has a very strong conservative bias and should not be used for your college papers, unless you are tired of attending that college. This is more of a common sense glossary especially of events that have happened as I see them or as I experienced them. You are free to post any comments below (unless I turned them off). You are free to contact me and praise or scream at me. You are also free to challenge or change any of these definitions you want…on your own website.

Again, these definitions are based on my own thoughts and experiences.

Gig Worker: Someone who was tricked by endless “fake news” into thinking that driving their car for strangers, competing globally for writing or web work, and earning a gradually lowering wage would some how lead to financial security. A typical blog post recruiting gig workers read “How Uber Drivers Earn $100k” or “How to earn $45k in 60 Days On Upwork.” These posts have mostly been taken down since they are now lawsuit targets for misrepresenting claims.