Desire Is Where Success Starts

Desire is where success beginsDesire is where business success starts. Success will not come to you just because you are awesome. There are people who say they desire success, but they don’t want success badly enough to work hard towards their vision of success. They think that their friends will not approve, and these people are probably right. Their friends probably wouldn’t approve. They can say they want success all they want. The truth is that if you aren’t working towards your success every minute that you have available, you will never create the momentum necessary to break through the seemingly insurmountable resistance it takes to create the life you want.

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” –Robert Kiyosaki

Your Vision Can Create Desire

Let’s say that I see a bright red beautiful sports car driving down the road one day. I decide that I want a sports car just like the one I saw. Wanting a new car isn’t being covetous of my “neighbor’s” sports car. I want the sense of accomplishment and pride in ownership of this beautiful car like the one I saw, but not that exact car. I cut out pictures of this sports car and place them all around my house and my office. I write out how I am going to buy this car, how I will earn the money and fulfill this desire. Maybe I see someone who has a lifestyle based on freedom. He works when he wants to, with whom he wants to work, makes more money than he can spend, and works from home. Maybe that is something I want to create in my life. I start finding pictures of things that remind me of this lifestyle, write out a plan and begin taking steps to fulfill this destiny. Your vision can create your desire to create positive change.

Immersion In the Outcome Increases Desire

When I was a little boy, I got into car design for a little while. My favorite car in the ninth grade was a 1969 Corvette convertible. I also liked looking at pictures of the flying cars that we would certainly have by the year 2000. I enjoyed designing cars based on what the future would resemble. I would lie in the floor and draw what cars would look like when I got older. This activity was a lot of fun for me. Fast forward 40 years. Now, I get excited when I think about my vision for my future. I develop goals as stepping-stones to my vision, and it creates desire. I see myself enjoying living on the 30th floor (or higher) in my condominium, enjoying my coffee before I get started with my business day, and I get excited. When I see myself driving down the road in my favorite car for that day, I get excited. You get the point. No one gets excited about goals because meeting goals is the work that fulfills the vision for your future. Your vision gets you excited, keeps you working late at night and getting up early, and working on creating your future. Your vision creates your desire to achieve what you want.

Desire and Vision Inspire Goals and Action

Desire by itself is not enough. If you desire to change your life, but don’t put action behind it, then you are fantasizing about the results you could have and settling for less that you can be. First, you must want something different or want something to change. Then you imagine the outcome of what you want and how it can benefit you and all others involved in the outcome. Then, you set the goals or the action steps to get from where you are now to the desired outcome. It all begins with a desire to improve one aspect of your life. Without a desire to change or improve, no one can help you.

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