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Success is the habit of creating positive change. To create positive change, you have to concentrate your attention on your desired result.To me, this is one of the most overlooked requirements of becoming successful. Google defines “focus” as the center of interest or activity. It is where you concentrate your attention and activity on what you want instead of what you don’t want. If you seek success, it is vital to stay focused on what you want. Not only because you get more work done, but because what you focus on expands. In other words, if you concentrate your attention on succeeding, you will succeed. If you concentrate on making excuses, you will find a multitude of excuses of why you can’t succeed instead of the success you desire.

Pursuing success means creating positive change. To create positive change, by definition, you have to end negative change by eliminating negative habits. When you end negative habits, you concentrate on positive habits. When you flood your mind with positive thoughts, you develop positive actions that take you in the direction you want for your life.

“What we focus on is where we go. Where focus goes, energy flows.” -Jordan Belfort

It works every time. If your attention is on injustice, you will get more injustice. If you focus on earning a new income level, you start finding new opportunities to earn the income you desire. What you concentrate on expands.

Change Creates Fear

Changing your life is scary stuff. Your comfort zone will fight back. You will start thinking that you aren’t good enough to achieve the success you want. You must focus on what you want in life, not that which you are afraid. If you focus on your fear, you will get more of what you fear. When I first got started in business, I had a track record of successes from earlier career successes in the military. I could not fail in my eyes. I failed anyway because I did not do my research on the company with whom I was working. I did everything they told me to do but did not get the desired results. I accept responsibility for this event, but the memory of this failure created a fear in my mind. I had to end this fear to move forward in business. I began focusing on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want, and eventually got what I wanted.

Focus is What Gets You Results

In 1959, Earl Nightingale recorded “The Strangest Secret.” This recording was the predecessor to the Personal Development industry as we know it today. It was the first spoken record that sold to Gold Record status. The main message of The Strangest Secret is not a new message. Many authors, teachers, and magnates have said this throughout history in many forms.

“You become what you think about most of the time.” -Earl Nightingale

Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Allen, and long before them, Jesus of Nazareth have echoed similar thoughts. It is the secret of success that cannot be overturned or ignored. “The Strangest Secret” is not a secret at all.

Have Lots of Problems? Stop Looking For Them

If you consider the quote above if you think about your problems most of the time, they expand. Your problems get bigger than they were. What you focus on expands. If you concentrate on your problems all the time, they don’t get solved, they get bigger and bigger. The bigger your problems seem, the more insurmountable they become. Then, your problems convince you to take no activity and nothing changes. Stop dwelling on your problems. No one else wants to hear about them anyway.

Concentrate on What You Want

Since you become what you think about, think about what you want to become constantly. Stop thinking about who betrayed you in the past, and start thinking about how you will make your dreams come true. Fill your mind with your goals and how you can achieve them with integrity.

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