Why Getting Rich and Famous are Essential to Your Entrepreneurial Success

Getting rich and famous are almost taboo these days.

Like a lot of busy solopreneurs these days, I have a few tools that are in auto-pilot on my Twitter feed @michael_neely. Yesterday, I saw the article “5 Wrong Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur” by Jayson Demers on my feed from Entrepreneur magazine and I had to read it. I don’t keep it a secret that I am a big fan of Grant Cardone and his various works on entrepreneurship and sales training.

To be fair to Jayson, it seems to me that he is writing about primary motivations to starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. I agree with him that starting a business for the sole purpose of getting rich probably won’t work. If you want to get famous, I would turn to Hollywood (or another film-making city like Atlanta), dropping a CD, devoting your time to become a “reality TV” star, or even social media. Even then, it won’t happen overnight.

However, if you have decided to take the leap and start a business, your number one job is marketing. Without effective marketing, your business will quickly become an expensive hobby that could take years to recover from financially. To summarize the goals of an effective marketing strategy, your goal is to become rich and famous. You want to convert as many impressions to sales as possible and get a little closer to being rich every day. You also want to become famous to your target market. You want anyone who wants the type of widget you are selling to know who you are and how to buy from you. In essence, you want to be famous to your target market.

Why take my advice? Because it makes sense. I didn’t come up with this idea either. Grant Cardone is a mentor of mine even though I have not met him (yet), and he is the best mentor I have ever had. I have maintained my attitude under seemingly impossible circumstances from repeating his works in my head. Following his works led me to my biggest paycheck to date. His titles that I own are The 10x Rule, Sell or Be Sold, The Closer’s Survival Guide, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, and The Rules of Success. I listen to these mp3’s regularly, and highly recommend all of them.

Get Rich as Your Set Higher Goals

  1. Getting rich is your obligation.   Of course, the core concept of your business comes first, but a second attention needs to be focused on sales and marketing. The only way to gauge that is by sales numbers and profits. If you’re setting and achieving progressively higher sales goals and achieving those goals, your company is growing. Why not set massively higher goals? That is what The 10x Rule is all about. It introduces the concept of setting goals that are 10 times what you think are high goals and then adding 10 times your usual effort to achieve your goals. Setting regular goals is fine if that’s all you want. But, if your goals are unexciting, you won’t put your full potential into your business. Here is one of my favorite quotes from The 10x Rule:

“A person who limits his or her potential success will then limit what he or she is willing to do to create and keep it.” -Grant Cardone

So why not make getting rich a priority? The 10x Rule would be a great place to begin your 10x journey to success.

Get Famous With Your Target Market

  1. If no one knows you, they can’t buy from you. If you aren’t famous with your target market, that is an opportunity for your target market to buy from someone else. Why? They didn’t know about you.

“Obscurity is the single biggest killer to a business or entrepreneur.” -Grant Cardone

This makes obscurity your number one enemy as an entrepreneur. You will have to pound social media, blogs, the phone, and everything else you can to get your message out that you are open for business. For your business to survive, your target market must know who you are, what you do, and how to buy your services. Your business will fail every time if you do not make yourself famous, at least with your target market.

If you get famous with the people who want and need your services, and set higher goals and back those goals with everything you have, the “get rich” part will take care of itself.

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