I guess it’s time to get serious…

I now have a new blog address..kind of…again.  The main question you may be asking is “What the hell is he doing?”

My answer is “Solving problems…and being creative…”  Yesterday, I broke the Terms and Conditions of my free WordPress site I was playing with about the same time that I was starting to like it.  I was going to do this anyway, I just wasn’t planning to do it today.

Oh well, this post is also serving as a test post to see what happens with social media outlets.  They were on auto, but I think I lost that feature.

By the way, if you’d liketo help me with a “tagline” in the place that “Just another WordPress site” line is now, I would sincerely appreciate it! 🙂


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Michael Neely

My name is Michael Neely and I am an entrepreneur, blogger, FOREX trader, coin collector and businessman. I have also been known as a waiter, bartender, Series Three (Commodities and Currencies Options and Futures). I currently live in New England with my beautiful fiancée, Patsy and Pip, our Jack Russell terrier.

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