Ignorance as an Enemy

Ignorance has a tendency to breed a particularly stubborn brand of arrogance.

It is a quality that I’ve seen in others on several occasions in business (and other walks of life).  Sometimes it can serve as an advantage, like the first time you rode a bicycle or jumped of the high dive…or when you took on a competitive giant in business.  Ignorance works to your advantage when you suddenly pull off what others deemed “impossible,” when you are come off as a shining star or a wunderkind of sorts, even if you’re not so much of a kind anymore.

 When you have the cold-staring slap of reality that shows that today, you are not the shining star, you are not the wunderkind, but that a strange sort of awakening is due today…and that you’re right on time for that awakening.

 I got that feeling today when I have been staring at the market for a business idea , trying to figure out why Emerson’s mousetrap wasn’t gaining any attention …much less selling.   Then I realized that it wasn’t the mousetrap but rather my communications, me as communicator that wasn’t cutting it.

 It’s time for a change.  Marketing requires executing a plan and facing the realization that I don’t have one is the first step to correcting that.  Ignorance breeds arrogance in marketing.  Communicating well is how to overcome the ignorance and get better results.


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