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The Most Important Business Skill

The Life Skill You Need the Most Is Often Overlooked

I think everyone will agree that there are certain life skills that are necessary for a great life. School and universities are supposed to prepare their students for life…but they don’t. Balancing a checkbook was once a vital life skill, but no one in school ever taught me how to do this. Now in the age of online banking, it can be considered an outdated concept. However, you still need to make sure you are putting more money into your

bank account than you are taking out. I keep hearing how schools are teaching kids younger and younger how to write computer code. As a front-end developer myself, I would say that the day may come when writing code is a vital life skill, but we’re not there yet. Sales training is how you get this most important skill that can put millions in your bank account.

Sales Skills Are The Most Important Skill Set for Business and Life

Can you sell? Sales skills are in demand everywhere today. From the kids selling lemonade at their lemonade stand to the real estate professional staging an open house, sales skills are the most important skill you will need in business and in life. Even if your job has nothing to do with creating revenue for your company, you still have to sell your employer to hire you. You have to sell your partner on going to see a certain movie or going to a certain restaurant. If you have kids, you have to sell your kids everyday or they will sell you on something completely different. Whether you are a sales professional or not, selling is a way of life for everyone every day.

Everyone Is Selling You Something

If you don’t sell others on what you want, others will sell you on what they want. If you turn on the TV, you are being sold, and I don’t even mean the commercials. Watch the news, no matter what channel you put it on, and they are selling you on  their agenda. The more you watch, the more you are sold on what you believe the events of the day are. Who you think was right then formulates your view of the world and the actions you take. If you buy the wrong plan, your life will go in directions you really don’t want. You are in sales whether you know it or not.

 How to Get Better At Selling…and Closing

If you are a sales professional, business owner or entrepreneur, your life revolves around selling. If you aren’t selling enough of your product or service, you won’t be in business very long. Therefore, it is imperative that you say on top of your sales skills. How does one improve at selling, especially if your income and your life depend on it?

You invest in sales training with your time and money. You can buy all the sales training you want, but if you don’t put it into action, you gain nothing from it.

In the past thirty plus years of my business life, I have seen a lot of sales training programs come and go. I have seen sales training programs that brushed on the fringes of what to do to sell better, but never actually had any meat to them. Mirroring techniques don’t work. Parroting what your customer said will only irritate them. The list of meaningless manipulation techniques goes on and on. But there is something better.

Grant Cardone is Number One

I’ve been personally following Grant Cardone for about five years on Twitter. I began investing in myself with his products and services in 2014. I thought I knew a little something about sales. I was right. I knew a little something about sales and my results reflected it. My life isn’t exactly the way I want it, but it is steadily improving. I’m taking more intelligent risks and capitalizing on those risks. I am now full-time self-employed with all the risks and headaches and adapting quickly.

Grant’s products helped me earn my biggest paycheck ever and they will do the same thing for you too.

Cardone University is the number one sales training platform on the market today. With over 1500 on-demand videos to learn from, there is simply no better sales training on the planet. It is our recommended solution for well-funded CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and consultants of all kind to advance your sales skills, advance your incomes, and advance your lives. Who knows what can happen? Your kids learn the discipline required in sales and in business. Then, you can leave your company in capable hands, or maybe they will build a company better than yours.


Where I Got Started in Grant Cardone Training

When I first got started with Grant’s mp3’s, I wanted to go all in and go with Cardone University. At the time, I didn’t have the investment, so the sales rep I was talking to, Todd Straugh, put me on four mp3’s. These mp3’s are now know as Grant Cardone’s Core MP3 Package. They weren’t sold as a package at the time and my investment was considerably higher than what it is today. However, these four mp3’s are exactly what I needed to get my head turned around. I highly recommend investing in these mp3’s and improving your business and your life today.




Start Somewhere…

The more you invest in yourself, the better your results and your rate of change will be. If you are currently in sales, this would also be a great place to start. This is the Closer’s Survival Guide and is a great place to start. The important thing is that you start somewhere. Otherwise you won’t be able to tell yesterday’s results from tomorrow’s results. Nothing will change and if nothing changes, it will get worse. You do want your business and your life to get better, not worse, right?

Start today!



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