No Problem- Two Words Your Customers Should Never Hear From You

No_Problem_2There are two words that your customers should never hear from you if you want to keep their business. Those words are “No” and “Problem.” Want to irritate your current customers faster? Use them right beside each other. Every time I hear “no problem” from someone on the phone, I automatically hang up and look for other places to spend my money to meet my needs. I didn’t get my clients by treating them badly, and I won’t keep my clients by telling them that they don’t matter.

The first reason is that is rude. It is impolite. It is disrespectful. The last people you want to disrespect are your customers unless you are a government employee. You can be rude to everyone you want if you choose to, and no one will care, and you will not be reprimanded.

I’ve written about this topic before. As long as I keep hearing it, it probably will not be the last time I write about it either. I have a great story about why this is careless on another blog site of mine.

When I hear “no problem” coming from a customer service or sales employee, the first thing I hear is “You didn’t bother or irritate me from what I was doing.” If I am your customer, spending money with your organization, and you are saying “Thank you for not bothering me,” you are telling me “You, my customer, don’t matter to me. I am enjoying your money, but I am not here to be bothered by you, my customer.” It also tells me that your priorities are not to take care of my concerns. Then what problem of mine are you solving, and can someone else handle my concerns and treat me politely?

The second thing I hear as a customer when someone says “No Problem” to me is that they can’t wait for me to leave. If I am a “problem” customer, I could see why they would say that. But if I just have a question that needs to be answered and I ask it politely, I would like to be treated politely too.

So do yourself a favor. Make sure that you aren’t saying “No problem” to your customers. Personally speaking, I will avoid business people who use this phrase. The worst thing you can do is find that you are losing customers because of these two careless words. Saying ‘no problem’ to your customers will create more problems for you. If you DO like using the phrase “no problem” to your customers, keep it up. Another more worthy business will love taking care of your customers.

Instead of “no problem,” try “my pleasure” instead. The purpose of a business is to create a customer. The purpose of a businessperson is to serve a customer need. To communicate that you are cheerfully serving your customers needs will keep their business and improve your relationship with your customer.

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