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Personal Change and Why It’s Good (aka “What To Do When Your Blog Sucks”)

New Improved!I was thinking about two titles and I went with the first title…but I also had to include what I was thinking when I started working on this blog again.  I was reading my blog a few months ago and I thought about letting it go.  Then I thought that I might have some relevant information for other people.  I write this blog to help other people, not for my own vanity.  The problem was that I wasn’t helping too many people.  As indicated by my web analytics, not many people were visiting my blog and the only conclusion that I could come to was…that my blog sucked.  I decided that the time had come for me to put some additional work into my blog, change it…and make it…”NEW and IMPROVED!”

In the time that I first started a blog in WordPress in October 2010, it has been an opportunity to improve my knowledge of how web sites are built, how a WordPress theme operates and is interpreted by the browser (how web sites work).  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been incredibly informative.  It is still, like any part of change, a process.  This blog is a testimony of the process of change.  In creating the positive changes in my life, I have had to change as well.  I have had to get stronger, learn more and get better at everything I do in order to improve my personal results.  It’s called “personal development”…and it’s good.

To get involved with personal development, it means you’re going places…new places.  It means that you are open-minded to changing the direction of your life and that what was once good enough…is no longer true for you.  It means that you understand that the purpose of life is to live by your values and to constantly improve your results.  It means that you are investing in yourself and changing how you do things.  For me, one of the things it means is that this blog is getting a little better and the personal rewards are worth it!

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Michael Neely

My name is Michael Neely and I am an entrepreneur, blogger, FOREX trader, coin collector and businessman. I have also been known as a waiter, bartender, Series Three (Commodities and Currencies Options and Futures). I currently live in New England with my beautiful fiancée, Patsy and Pip, our Jack Russell terrier.

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