Re-Beginning the Begin

So, I “began” this blog in January and I like it as my personal blogging home…except I haven’t blogged anything. “So, what have you been doing since January?” you might be asking. It would seem that I have been doing a whole lot of nothing, but this is hardly the case. Among other things, I have been thinking a lot about how to begin this blog and looking for the inspiration to get started blogging again. For those who didn’t realize that I was blogging before, I began blogging in October 2005, when I was “living” in a vacant hotel room in south Florida at Yahoo right before Hurricane Wilma redesigned the State of Florida (I was very broke at the time). This is where my blogging began. I also did some blogging at MySpace for a while, until I discovered Facebook. I thought that I would just blog at Facebook, but FB is more of a personal site for me (notice the lack of a link).

So then, I found myself writing blogs again and saving them in Microsoft Word on my hard drive. I had gotten into the habit of writing them out first and then publishing them later. My computer always seemed to freeze when I was almost finished and the entire posting would be lost. Then, I realized this work habit wouldn’t work with this new platform. I solved the problem of my computer freezing. So, for the last couple of months I have been thinking of how to start this blog.

My typing skills sucked, so I had to learn how to type. I never took typing in school, because we communicated by tying notes to rocks and throwing them at each other. It was much more painful than email, but I never thought that our primitive system would ever be replaced. My typing skills still suck, but they are getting better.

Today, it donned on me. “Just do it.” In many ways, the famous Nike slogan is what we need to remember when starting a new project, a new business or anything new. “Just do it.”

Now that I have all sorts of inspiration to start blogging again, here it is…the beginning (again).

More to follow…lots more!


P.S. My high school English teacher (and all of my friends that are now teachers) will probably have a field day with this…oh well!

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