The Best “Failure” I’ve Ever Had

In the past, when I stopped a business that I had been working on, the results were disastrous.  This time, not so much. 

I was incredibly fortunate to have been involved in the last business I got into and I met  some really great people.  I was challenged to do things I’ve never done before…like move to Atlanta with no financial backing and visit Oklahoma City for a weekend convention.  The business opportunity that I got involved in made me grow.  I accepted challenges that I would have never done by myself.

 Without taking a chance, I would have never quit drinking and smoking.  I would have never realized that the money I was wasting on cigarettes and alcohol could have been invested in my well-being and personal growth and personal development.  I am a better typist, a better writer and a better businessman.  I am now accepting new challenges and meeting them.  I have new business concerns and new contacts. 

The best thing that I’ve encountered in this “failure,” is the knowledge that I am just getting started!

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